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Alrighty, your Studio Barre crew would like to take a moment to discuss…selfies. DON’T even begin to claim that you’ve NEVER taken one – even the biggest critic of the selfie craze has had a little sip of the Kool Aide at some point, even if you erased it from your phone before anyone could see it! We love a good selfie – one where the taker is positive and smiling, and it’s even better when we learn something about them in the process! The best selfies are taken when you feel strong and confident (NOT in the bar bathroom mirror at 2am!) about yourself and your body. And who can blame you? When we see you working as hard as you do in our classes, we understand why you might want to brag a little. No haters here!

So now that summer is in full effect, we want to talk about our next favorite, and that is the “summer selfie.” Your instructors want to see, and we want others to see, what you enjoy doing most in the summer, and how Studio Barre has made a positive impact in your life. Is your summer selfie a bikini shot, or is it you at the top of a long hike? Hmmmm…did Studio Barre play a role in helping you with either? We guess so! How about a selfie of you at the barre, or even doing a little tucking on your own somewhere exotic? Yes please! And of course we ALWAYS love to see our fabulous Studio Barre gear in different locals – a selfie with a Studio Barre tank top is going to get a HUGE thumbs up!

Truthfully, we’re trying to get you thinking about your ultimate summer selfie because we want you to be ready for the next big Studio Barre social media competition, and YES, it’s going to involve selfies! So get thinking, and start taking pics – you never know when you’ll capture that amazing moment that you just can’t wait to share with family and friends!

Happy Tucking!


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