It Takes a Studio Barre Village…



Have you ever heard that phrase “It takes a village”? My mom friends and I have always used it when discussing our kids – how “it takes a village” to raise our kids right, with strong role models and guidance from the friends and family we chose to surround ourselves with. When our kids are getting into trouble, “it takes a village” to make sure their poor choices aren’t overlooked and that they are held accountable. And of course, “it takes a village” to recognize the individual accomplishments of each child, so that they are surrounded by positivity and love.


I’d been thinking about this on a recent trip when I overheard someone use that very phrase. It struck such a personal chord with me, being the working mother of three rambunctious boys. I realized that I’d spent a tremendous amount of time making sure the village helping me raise my kids was strong and reliable, and it made me feel incredibly safe and secure having that village in my corner.  But what about us – the grown-ups? Where is our village? Who holds us accountable? Who makes sure we spend time focusing on our own personal development and well being? Who are our positive role models? I started to panic.  I mean, I know there’s my hubby Doug, so at least I know I have a great partner in this entire journey. But what about the REST of my village?!?!

And then the answer came to me. And then all was calm.

Studio Barre was, is, and always will be MY village. In fact, when it comes down to it, I created Studio Barre to be a village for each and every client, and every franchise location that has opened since has had the same intent. Every person, whether employee or client, who walks through our doors, is treated like part of the family. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and countless accomplishments together. We listen to problems, relate to your through our own experiences, and try to provide solutions and sage advice on a personal level together. We hold each other accountable for both our physical and our mental well-being together. We miss you when you’re not here, and we look forward to when you return so we can work out the kinks together.  We mourn, we cry, we laugh, we love – all of it TOGETHER.  I mean, wait until you see what we’ve done for the 12 Days of Christmas! Only in this wacky and wonderful  Studio Barre village could we be so comfortable being so real (and goofy) with our members! This was a smile by myself kinda moment. This is when I knew, in my heart, that I was part of a wonderful thing that happens to be growing and growing.

So as we head towards 2015, my entire soul is warmed by the village that I had a part in creating, and which has now taken on a life of its own.

YOU are MY village. I am YOUR village. Together, we are STRENGTH DEFINED!

Happy Tucking!


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