hamster wheel



In my dream, I seem to be on this giant wheel. And every time I take a step forward, it starts to move faster. Before I know it, I’m jogging, and I can feel myself starting to sweat as I try to keep up. All of a sudden, I’m in a full run, and my heart is pounding in my chest. How do I slow it down?! How do I make it stop?! And then I see my reflection, and I’m at a full sprint on a giant hamster wheel. Crazy right?

No, what’s crazy is that this heart-pounding “hamster wheel” ride is how most of us (myself included) feel on a daily basis. We’ve become so good at multi-tasking, that we’ve overloaded our schedules and have to be at a full sprint all day just to keep up.

So how do we slow things down? Because if you’re as familiar with the hamster wheel as I am, it’s doubtful you’re taking any time for yourself during the day. In fact you’re probably lucky if you can make your way for a little tuck at the barre. And that’s where we start – with your schedule. Oh fly by the seat of your pants do you? That’s part of the reason you’re stuck on the hamster wheel right now! Once you sit down with an actual calendar or schedule book, and actually establish priorities, you’ll start to regain control. You need to be realistic about what you can commit to on a daily basis. And you MUST MUST MUST establish actual blocks of time in your day where you do something for yourself. Maybe it’s a walk on the beach, maybe it’s getting your eyebrows waxed, or maybe it’s a tucking good, stress-relieving barre class.

I did it. That’s right – I did. I saw an out-of-control schedule making my life worse, not better, and I took steps to regain control. Keeping my body strong is just as big of a priority as grocery shopping for my family. A strong body works hand-in-hand with a clutter-free, sharp mind, and a focused hour at the barre is a strong step forward. If ANY of this sounds familiar, it’s time to make a change. Who needs a New Year’s Resolution?! We are halfway through 2015 and you need to take productive steps towards taking care of YOURSELF. Because the more you take care of yourself, the better you are at taking care of everyone else around you. So pull out that schedule, and set aside 60 minutes to tuck your stress away. We’re waiting for you at the barre!

Together, we are STRENGTH DEFINED!

Happy Tucking!


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