about {us}

Studio Barre is a true representation of the partnership created when dancers and fitness professionals came together to work as a team.   This business is truly the culmination of years of professional dance experience, a strong focus on personal training, health and wellness, and a desire to create a program appealing to all fitness levels. The success of the Studio Barre program is quite simple – it creates results. Barre technique has been modified to allow all levels to participate, a fun atmosphere has been added to encourage instructors to add their own personality and personal touch to each class, and physical transformations among the clients are a common occurrence.

why Studio Barre

There are few scenarios that can boast such independence as a franchise opportunity does for the owner, while ensuring that the business provides proven products, methods and experiences that have already been designed and tested.   Studio design, staffing, class format, training, music, choreography, studio atmosphere, business management – these are just a few of your responsibilities as an owner.  The beauty of becoming a member of the Studio Barre Family is that you’re not expected to create this all on your own. You have a framework, you have training, you have guidance, you have support, and you have a voice within Studio Barre.

industry / market overview

The fitness industry boasted $21.8 billion in total revenue in 2012 (IHRSA). This is a sector that has shown significant growth year over year, and one which financial analysts predict will continue to do so.  Barre-based businesses have increased in number within the past 5 years, and consumers are demanding fitness professionals who are knowledgeable and create results, with a clear preference for smaller boutique studio settings that deliver personalized attention.   There will never be a shortage of people wanting to look better, feel stronger, and live healthier, happier lives in more beautiful bodies.

company mission / vision

As a Studio Barre Franchisee, you are in the advantageous position of owning your own business, but not being left on your own. Your success is important to us. You are part of a family that wants to grow and pass along its vision, and as in any newer business opportunity, securing your spot on the ground floor is critical. Studio Barre has been built on a an absolute dedication to customer service, and a staff that understands and supports the need for experience, training, and a commitment to providing each and every member with the full barre experience.