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We would like to invite you to now learn more about our franchise opportunity.
Our discovery process one of mutual education and evaluation designed to help you determine if the Studio Barre business model is right for YOU.

During this process, we will give you the opportunity to get to know our business, team, franchisees and culture. Usually our discovery process takes 30-45 days and during this time, we also hope to get to know you, your partners, accomplishments and story in order to determine whether a Studio Barre franchise is right for you attain your goals.

the Studio Barre discovery process

  1. Initial Inquiry: Complete the short form to the left and you will be contacted by a member of the Studio Barre Team. We will discuss an overview of the Studio Barre opportunity along with expectations from both parties for our discovery process. This overview will include initial understanding of the Studio Barre business model, industry and what makes us unique.
  2. Complete Application: If you choose to proceed, we’ll ask you for a bit more information so we can get to know you. We’ll call to schedule a convenient time to discuss your background and objectives, explain more about training and support, and answer any additional questions. Click here to download our application.
  3. Disclosure: At this step in our discovery process, you’ll be invited to speak with Lauren Gregory, Director of Operations, and receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). From here, we really dig into the details of the opportunity and continue the process to help you move forward with your due diligence.
  4. Join the Team Day: When we get to this step and we’ve both determined that this looks like we are a good match, we’ll invite you to our corporate location in sunny La Costa, California! This day will be informative and exciting with a tour of the La Costa studio, meeting with Shannon Higgins and confirmation of everything discussed during our discovery process. At the conclusion of your visit, we’ll both make a decision about awarding you a franchise to join the Studio Barre team.

Let’s get started! Briefly tell us who you are on the form to the left and we look forward to speaking with you.