Studio Barre is by far the best workout I have ever tried. The movements are small, but very challenging. I have been going about 6 months 3-4 days a week and have yet to take an easy class. Because it’s never easy, you never get bored, and as you get stronger and start to see the amazing results you want to go back for more. The instructors are helpful and fun and always make you feel welcome. It’s a great place to work-out, make friends and get in shape. Just try it, you’ll love it!-   Joanna M


I’m addicted!      I first started here with a Groupon, wanting to try something new. I love a work-out that will make me work hard AND get results. I went about 3 times per week and started feeling more toned within about 3 weeks. And even though it is challenging, I would probably go nearly everyday if I had the time. The instructors are great, motivating, and funny. They help me push myself and I’m finally seeing my abs again after having 2 kids. Speaking of kids, they have childcare at 10:45 on weekday mornings. The kids have a blast in the next studio and I get a workout. Perfect! 

The studio is comfortable, modern, stylish, and clean. They use a great mix of music to keep you wanting to “tuck” and move, and there are several stretching breaks worked into the challenging muscle exercises.

It is more expensive than a gym membership but comparable to other local studios. AND they offer several deals each month to help make it more affordable. It is a splurge for me, but I think if it as insurance for my body. This is something that I enjoy doing; I’m motivated to do it; it challenges me; and I get better results than I have from any other workout. To me, that is worth the investment to take care of myself and feel great (rather than a gym membership that I can’t convince myself to use regularly :) . By the way, your first class is free.-   Karen H


Love this place:) My friend convinced me to try it out and I haven’t stopped tucking!! It is an awesome workout… always a little different… and everyone there is so positive and fun! The instructors are motivating and they play great music… which are both needed to get through the tough workout! I actually look forward to going, and would go every day except for the fact that my body is usually so sore that I have to take days off!! Definitely worth trying out... – Bettina A


When I started Studio Barre two years ago I was a 46 year old woman who had never worked out in her life.  I was hooked after my first class and have just completed my 200th class.  My arms have definition, my legs have been toned and my butt HAS been lifted. The environment is like that of being part of a family and I am extremely grateful for Shannon and her team of beautiful women for changing my life in so many ways. When you walk in the door, you can truly feel the LOVE!

— Jennifer Zwartendijks

I started coming to the studio when my son was almost 6 months old.   Up until that point, I had mostly focused on cardio, wrongly thinking it would help transform my body back to pre-baby condition.   With one barre class, I was hooked!    The classes focus on all the areas that pregnancy affects most: abs, thighs, seat; and within weeks I saw results.  In a matter of a couple of months I was in better shape than I was pre-baby!    If I can maintain 3-4 classes a week (thank God for the on-site childcare–which my little one LOVES), I am a happy girl!!   In addition to the unmatched physical benefits, Studio Barre is excellent for my mental perspective.  I find that during that hour, I must focus and am able to actually ‘be in the moment” so to speak, and I leave feeling refreshed, much the same benefits that one gets from a yoga class.   The energy in the studio is incredible and the instructors are excellent…everyone brings a little something different to the table!   LOVE IT!!

— Kimberly Hawkins

Studio Barre is simply the toughest, most effective workout I’ve ever done. And the most fun! I came here after I had my second child and, within weeks, I felt stronger and more toned. Not to mention, strengthening my core has all but eliminated all those little aches and pains we all feel as we get older. Class is never boring and always challenging – even more so now than when I first started! The instructors are fun, knowledgeable and motivating. And last, but definitely not the least, I always look forward to the camaraderie of my fellow tuckers – Shannon, Kris and the rest of the Studio Barre crew have cultivated an amazing and supportive community within their studio’s walls.

— Erika Radtke

I was fortunate enough to find Studio Barre and can honestly say have been thrilled by the results. Having worked out  for over 20 years, running, gym, boot camps, hand on heart this is by far the most effective work out routine that will unconditionally yield fantastic results.My husband calls it the Barre Butt effect, lifted high and firm. The entire body has a sculpted effect that even high cardio boot camp routines have not given me. Shannon and her team are remarkable, they know how far to push and offer constant support and encouragement. It is the one work out I leave feeling slightly euphoric and exhausted but happy. No one judges you, the classes are a happy, fun place to work out and connect. Studio Barre devotee for life.

— Debbie Lawes

As a lifelong exerciser I have tried most group classes and I am hooked here at Studio Barre!  I have been coming for a year and a half now and the workout continues to be incredibly challenging, yet easy on my joints.  At the end of an hour I feel like I really achieved something. I love all of the instructors, they have unique personalities but they all approach the Barre workout in a consistent, supportive way.  No two classes are ever the same so muscles and brains stay engaged.  This is a gift I keep giving to myself and I am worth it!

— Jacquie Forrester

I walked into the studio at the recommendation of a friend …and I haven’t left.  At the time I was looking for a workout that would focus on core work as well as an elevated heart rate.  Because of the technique and instructors, I canceled my gym membership and stay toned and strong by attending classes several times each week.  Studio Barre also exposed me to interact with some of the nicest women and men I have met.  This interaction has benefited me in many ways.  I am now much lighter in weight with noticeable muscle tone.  As I age I will continue to exercise in this manner due to the visible and internal benefits.  Studio Barre + focus = lifestyle enhancement.  Gretchen Slover, age 58.

— Gretchen Slover

I started attending Studio Barre about 3 years ago. I was reluctant to go because I was such a gym rat and an avid runner. I was somewhat unhappy with my body at the time because I felt bulky, not lean with long muscles like I desired. I was working REALLY hard but not obtaining the results I wanted so badly. I tried this technique and I was in love and addicted after one class. My body has been completely transformed!! I finally have the body I’ve always wanted. I was just told today that my body has changed dramatically and I look like an athlete. I feel and look great!! I Just turned 40 and I feel and look better than I have in years, I’m a happy woman! I haven’t been to the gym or returned to being a regular runner since I started. Studio Barre is really all I’ve needed as my main source of working out, 60 minutes in and out and you’ve worked head to toe AND you basically have a personal trainer telling you exactly what you have to do and motivating you every step of the way. Above ALL, I have been blessed with a new family. Everyone from Shannon to all the teachers and staff are amazing! I have never met a more positive group in all my years in fitness. Studio Barre is more than just a place I go to get and stay fit, I go there specifically because the studio is full of light and all around goodness! Thank you Shannon, and thank you Studio Barre staff!!!

— Dr. Sandra Castro

The workout at Studio Barre is like no other. It is smart, concise, invigorating and quite honestly the hardest workout I have ever done. I have been coming to the studio of 2 years and I love it more and more. I have seen fabulous changes in my 40year old, mom of 3 body. My muscles are longer, my waist is more defined and my seat higher and firmer than ever before.  I look forward to coming to the beautiful studio, being greeted by the friendly staff, chatting with other amazing women from all walks of life and in the end, getting the best workout  in just an hour. There are many barre classes out there and I have tried them all. Studio Barre is by far the best workout with the best teachers….that’s what keep me coming back day after day.

— Jennifer Curran

My wife Juli began working out at yoga, Pilate’s studios and taking 24-hour fitness classes trying to find a workout she felt was the most effective for her needs. I’ve always worked out, having been fortunate to make it to a very brief stint with the Denver Broncos in 1984. After 6 knee surgeries (including an ACL reconstruction surgery on my right knee) and a recent hip replacement on my left hip, I had been reduced to treadmill (walking only), elliptical workouts and weight workouts.  Meanwhile, Juli had given birth to our two girls (ages 2 and 4) and hadn’t been consistent with workouts for years. She was a accomplished gymnast along with being an Aerobics instructor in college, however work, kids and life had made it difficult to work out consistently and she hadn’t find something that she “loved”.  I began taking some of her “experimental” classes, only wanting to spend time and support her. It wasn’t until she came home and said, “Honey, I found the perfect class, it was very hard and you’re going to like it”. Well, she found Studio Barre and I did try it (thinking it was a dance class, again only trying to support her in her fitness goals) and got hooked from day one. I have endured world-class workouts and have competed against top-notch athletes but I can honestly say this workout (every one of them) are some of the most difficult and effective workouts I’ve ever done! Juli has lost over 20 lbs and I have lost 15 lbs and both of us have never felt better.  We often have some of our best dates of working out at Studio Barre together.  It is something that we both enjoying doing together! What also makes Studio Barre great is the excellent instructors and support staff. They make everyone feel important, and modify your workout as needed. Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are very tough but their encouragement and coaching during workouts make you want to continue. Shannon and staff, Juli and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for us!

— The Colemans