Oh summer, we love thee, but it’s time to bid you adieu. The beginning of September is upon us, and as much as we’ve cherished every moment spent entertaining, chauffeuring, and feeding our children on break, it’s now time to GET BACK TO BUSINESS! Yup! The “Summer of We” that kept you in total entertainment mode is now the “September of Me”, and we fully expect to see you back at the barre, tucking off all of your BBQs and beach bonfires! As fabulous as summer can be, we also know how frustrating it can be to not have a whole lot of time to yourself, and often your fitness routine gets the short end of the stick. So now that we KNOW your kids are back in school (ahem, we have kids too), there are NO EXCUSES for you to miss class! And in your best interests, we have some tips about making that happen:

  1. Don’t bolt out of the gate. We certainly won’t argue with you if you want to come back to class 7 days a week, but it might be a bit too much, too soon. We want you happy, healthy, and without barre burnout. As much as you’ve missed us (and we’ve missed you), start with a reasonable number of classes per week and build up from there, with plenty of rest and recovery between them.
  1. Tuck with a friend. Now on the flip side of someone all of a sudden coming every day is the member who has taken the summer off and can’t find the motivation to get moving again. Never mind good your body will look and feel once you start tucking with us on a regular basis, class is a terrific place to spend quality time with a friend who keeps you accountable. So make class a bit of a social event to look forward to, and let your friends motivate you to get there on a regular basis again.
  1. Tuck on a regular schedule. So now that your entire day isn’t in total limbo based upon the needs of your kids, get yourself on a regular schedule. Are your best days M/W/F at 9:30? We have a class for that! But sit down and write it down on a calendar or put it in your phone, because you have a weekly appointment with your favorite barretender(s) that cannot be forgotten!
  1. Invest in some new gear. Why do you think the boutique is such a critical part of the studio?! Our tuckers want to look good in AND out of their clothes, and they want their workout wear to reflect their efforts with us. We’re surrounded by mirrors in the studio, and it’s inspiring to feel good about our bodies when we catch our own reflections. A new tucking outfit or two help provide the positive attitude you need to keep tucking!

Alrighty! Our kids are back in school, your kids are back in school, and the barre is waiting for you! We’re ready to help whip that bod back into its pre-summer bad ass shape! Together we are strength defined!

Happy Tucking!


Posted On August 26, 2015