Have you ever been in a situation where just thinking that the end is near gets you that much closer to finishing? Of course! We all have! Whether it’s a long drive, you’ve gone for a run outside, or you’re folding laundry, just the idea that you’re right around the corner from being done is what helps keep you motivated to reach that finish line. Only a couple more miles to drive, only a couple more steps to take, only a couple more shirts to fold – it’s all the same thought process. You are what my good friend JaDee once quoted as “Three Feet From Gold”, which is something that’s really stuck with me ever since she brought it up. Basically, if you keep believing that you’re three feet from hitting gold, you won’t want to give up. You’ll keep on digging, knowing that your prize is right in front of you – who could pass up such an amazing opportunity?!

So where can you apply this in your own life? Everywhere! But since this is a blog about Studio Barre, let’s start there. Frankly, if you constantly tell yourself that you’re not accomplishing anything by coming to class, and that your body isn’t experiencing results, you’ll NEVER find the motivation you need to keep going! But if you really and truly believe in the concept of being three feet from gold, you know that you need to look in the mirror in a daily basis and see the positive changes you’re making. You need to congratulate yourself regularly for getting to class, working hard, and creating change. You need to believe that it’s that very next class that could potentially take your body to the next level. It’s this type of POSITIVE belief system that keeps so many of our tuckers coming back, and I guarantee that the bodies you covet don’t ever tell themselves that they aren’t good enough, or that they aren’t accomplishing anything. Those bodies understand that change takes time, dedication, and some good hard tucking, and they stay focused on the possibility of striking gold – THAT’S what keeps them going!

So start paying attention to what you tell yourself when you look in the mirror. Start listening to that inner dialogue. Is it positive? Are you excited of what you’ve accomplished so far, and all of the opportunity in front of you? Are you excited to make change? There’s gold to be found at Studio Barre, and we have all the tools there you need to reach it. Look at the tuckers surrounding you and find motivation in their accomplishments, as they do in yours. Just keep digging – you’re just a couple of feet away!

Together, we are STRENGTH DEFINED!

Happy Tucking!


Posted On August 6, 2015