Class Formats

FULL TUCK: 60-minutes

Our signature barre class is designed for a full body workout using our exclusive Studio Barre technique. Throughout this 60-minute burn, transform every inch of your thighs, seat, and core to create those long, lean, dancer like muscles.

Quick Tuck: 45-minutes

Our signature barre class packed into 45-minutes is designed to increase your heart rate by moving at a faster pace. Get ready to get QUICK in this full body workout.

Tuck & Burn: 45-minutes with extra cardio included

Want more cardio? We got you! The Tuck & Burn class combines our Barre technique with some “extra shots” of heart pumping cardio. Designed to increase your heart rate, burn more calories, and build even more strength; this 45- minute class will take your physical endurance to the next level at an even faster pace.