Our Story


"You came for the new you, You stayed for the crew"


Get stronger

Studio barre applies the perfect combination of arm, seat, thigh and ab exercises to define and sculpt the body. The 60-minute workout digs deep physically while the music and happy barre{tenders} keep you mentally in the moment and push you toward your best.

Get leaner

Come to class once and feel a difference; come to class 3-4 times per week for a month and you will see a difference! Showing up to the barre consistently and regularly will create lean, long and strong muscles we all love. Our clients are proof that studio barre works.

Gain more confidence

We help you build strong shoulders, core and back to literally raise you up. Stand taller and present a more confident stature. As you gain more strength, meet your goals and make new friends, your inner confidence matches your exterior. When you feel good, you look good… happy!

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