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I have never done ballet or barre

All barre workouts are designed to develop dancer-like bodies without having years of technical training. instructors ensure that every client is comfortable with the technique and is working at a safe and effective level through hands-on corrections, verbal cues and demonstration.

What is the best attire?

leave your tutus at home! to get the most from your barre class it is best to wear long yoga style pants, a comfortable top that covers your midriff, and sticky socks. {don’t worry you can buy some in our boutique if you don’t have any} barre classes focus on a specific muscle group at one time, and therefore it is important to keep your idle muscles warm until they are ready to become the focus.

What makes barre class special and different from other types of workouts? (yoga, pilates, gym)

There is good reason for the rapid growth and popularity of the barre technique. although there are elements of yoga and pilates, barre is a workout like none other. with little or no equipment involved, it will change your body in only a few classes creating definition in your arms, a lifted seat, and lean thighs. no need to spend hours at the gym or pay for a personal trainer….60 minutes in a barre class and you will have addressed every muscle group and feel worked!

What body parts can i expect to see a difference in? what will the effect on my body and health be?

After taking just a few barre classes, most people notice that they feel taller and more toned. the barre technique focuses on strengthening the core, enhancing posture and proper alignment, while sculpting those hard to get areas like the abs, seat, and thighs. your whole body will be thanking you after class.

how often should i take class?

A great start would be 2-3 times a week. but to get the most out of your barre workout, you will want to increase your workouts to 3-4 times a week. class choreography is constantly being updated to avoid muscle adaptation so that each class remains fresh and you are always being challenged.

What do you love most about barre?

Barre workouts are the most effective and efficient way to get the body you’ve always wanted. whether it’s your first class or your 50th, the barre technique, with quality instruction, is designed to challenge you at any fitness level. you will receive motivating, personalized training in a musically driven, dance studio inspired environment.

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