the muscle tees are here!

Your 6:00 am alarm goes off. Another Monday. Another crazy morning getting your troublemakers to school is about to unfold. You have three breakfasts to make (and one of them isn’t even your own). You hear your husband coughing and sneezing downstairs, and you already know he’s going to want the day off. Make that a fourth breakfast.

You’re dropping the kids off at school and feeling confident you’ll make the 8:15. But, of course, the unexpected continues. A homework assignment left at home sets back your entire schedule for the day. Who knew school could still haunt you at 40? You have to go to the 9:30 instead.

On hectic mornings like these, we know the last thing on your mind is choosing the ensemble you’ll be sporting at barre. Luckily, we have a top for you that never made outfit styling easier…the muscle tee!

  Muscle Tees Post 5-2                             Muscle Tees Post 6


We have taken this every day, on-the-go top and brought it to the studio for you. Pair our tees with some patterned leggings, and we’re certain you’ll be tucking confidently and comfortably.

We especially love that these tees are perfect for your day’s post-barre plans. From a beach day with family to a girls night out, the muscle tee is a must for any occasion.


Muscle Tees Post 3-2




On cooler days, layer your muscle tee with a flannel for a casual, I-just-threw-this-together look.



Muscle Tees Post 2





Muscle Tees Post 4



Pair your muscle tee with a fun hat or statement necklace, and you’re ready for Sunday brunch!








For your next special occasion, steal T Swift’s look and dress up your muscle tee with a skirt.








Now that you have some muscle tee styling tips, hurry to barre for your soon-to-be favorite top…oh and of course for your already favorite workout!



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Posted On September 8, 2017