Why is Studio Barre Society right for you?

Want to see and feel results faster? Of course you do! Our clients who come at least 3 times per week see and feel a transformation within the first month. Showing up to Studio Barre consistently and regularly creates a positive habit you will love and crave. When you join Studio Barre Society, the more you tuck the more you save.

Studio Barre Society is not just a monthly membership, it’s loaded with perks that will keep you tucking happy!

Studio Barre Society Perks

  • Exclusive boutique sales and promotions
  • Take more, save more
  • Unlimited seat lifting, arm toning, defined thighs and sculpted abs
  • Exclusive Society Swag
  • Free or discounted access to workshops
  • Vacation pauses allowed
  • Barre hop to multiple locations

Ask your local studio for more details. FIND YOUR STUDIO