Studio Barre is…

fun, effective and sassy

Studio Barre is a premier boutique fitness offering a 60-minute, calorie-torching, music bumping, personalized barre workout for all fitness levels. We use small isolated movements while incorporating cardio and stretching to lift and tone your entire body. Our ever changing sassy vibe will help keep your cray at bay!

There’s a difference.

Listen to what makes us different…

SharonAge: 43Tuckin: 2 years


Age: 43 Tuckin: 2 years

SheilaAge: 51Tuckin: 4 years


Age: 51 Tuckin: 4 years
KrystaAge: 25Tuckin: 5 months


Age: 25 Tuckin: 5 months
RadAge: 65Tuckin: 8 years


Age: 65 Tuckin: 8 years
GabyAge: 33Tuckin: 2 years


Age: 33 Tuckin: 2 years

There’s a difference.

Listen to what makes us different…

So this girl walks into a barre...


And Gets

  • Stronger
  • Leaner
  • Confident
  • Supported
  • Addicted

Give us a week and we’ll
give you a whole new you.




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Who runs the world?


Studio Barre is a female run company designed by women for ALL.

We torch those calories, lift dat booty, create tank top arms and define long lean thighs in our exclusive workout that focuses solely on trouble spot prevention. From muffin tops to the dreaded “thass” (that’s when thigh becomes your...). We’ve got you. Literally.

Offering workout

Apparel  & Accessories

We encourage you to arrive a few minutes early or stay after class to shop our upscale fitness apparel boutique ...offering the latest trends in workout apparel, as well as barre babe accessories and gifts.