Welcome to the February! Do you remember that excitement you experienced when you woke up on the other side of 2015 with SO SO MANY new plans to make?! Maybe you committed to some actual resolutions (potentially while in an inebriated celebratory state), or maybe you simply decided that things needed to change in this New Year but didn’t really have a game plan. Either way, you found your way to Studio Barre, and that’s a phenomenal first step. You might be returning after a hiatus, increasing your weekly attendance, or trying us for the first time – no matter what, we’re ecstatic to be part of your plan for the New Year. Frankly, if you go into ANY Studio Barre classroom, the drive and the passion from our clients is simply contagious. We love the positive attitudes, and we certainly love seeing familiar faces side-by-side with brand new ones.

And with all of this energy being directed into transforming physiques and creating positive body attitudes, you’d think that it might never end! We certainly hope it doesn’t – a classroom full of devoted tuckers is a really fun classroom to be in! However, we all know that as we enter February and the months to come, there will be some of you who came out of the gate nice and strong, but started to fade somewhere along the line, just short of those original goals. So we’re here to tell you that we know you’re still a work in progress, so NO WAY WILL WE LET YOU GIVE UP!

You may think that we don’t notice when we have new faces to the studio, but we DO. You may think that we don’t notice when regular clients stop coming, but we DO. You may think that we don’t see when your body starts to change, growing stronger and leaner and even more beautiful, BUT WE DO! Studio Barre is a unique community of clients, and your presence is noted as well as missed. Your accomplishments are celebrated, and your instructors become personally involved in helping you achieve your goals.

That’s why you just can’t simply give up just yet! We KNOW you can’t have possibly achieved those New Year’s goals yet. We still have work to do with you! We need you to see what we see in you – a beautiful body working incredibly hard to create positive changes. So as much as you may feel like throwing in the towel right now, we know that if you just stick with it until the reflection staring back at you looks a little different, you’ll be so incredibly happy. This is when you prove to yourself, as well as any of your doubters, that you’ve made a commitment, and you’re sticking with it.

So TODAY is when you print out the Studio Barre schedule and put it where you can’t ignore it. TODAY is when you go online and reserve a spot in the next class. TODAY is when you go and treat yourself to a cute new barre outfit that makes you feel as special as you truly are. TODAY is when you surround yourself with the incredibly supportive and positive Studio Barre family that misses you when you don’t show up. Above all, TODAY is when you decide that you WON’T GIVE UP!

Let’s accomplish those goals together in 2015. Together, we are STRENGTH DEFINED!

Happy Tucking!


Posted On February 5, 2015


Welcome to 2015! A new year at Studio Barre is such an exciting time – filled with new members and excitement. A new year means the start of a new quarter and new choreography to introduce. A new year means that summer is right around the corner, and it’s time to get on the path away from the winter blah’s and towards the warm weather aaah’s. A new year gets people motivated and energized to make changes in their bodies and their lifestyles. We love it.

HOWEVER, many people may still be nursing what we consider a “holiday hangover.” Treats, trips, and a total break from tucking will make anyone develop inevitable fatigue and total lack of motivation – the more tired you are, the less you do to feel better, and the less you do, the more tired you feel! It’s a viscous cycle, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t admit that it happens to all of us, it’s just that some years are better than other. Workouts and healthy eating get pushed to the wayside in favor of social outings and heavy holiday meals. That nightly adult beverage becomes a need in the stress of it all, which simply leads to poor sleep and extra calories that you don’t need. Okay! Okay! You get it – you need to make changes. Now what should we DO about it?!?!

Well first, stop beating yourself up. Just because it’s suddenly 2015 doesn’t mean that you have to come up with some radical life-changing resolutions and implement them right away! We believe in baby steps at Studio Barre. If you take the time to assess your situation, and set realistic and timely goals, you’re absolutely setting yourself up for success! Instead of declaring that you’re suddenly going to come to class seven days a week and drop that holiday weight gain, commit to two or three days. THAT’S reasonable. THAT’S realistic. Two to three days will allow your body to recover between classes, as well as help prevent burnout. We want you to look forward to your amazing barre class, not dread it! So instead of berating yourself for what you haven’t accomplished or what you’ve failed to fulfill, celebrate all of those beautiful baby steps you’ve successfully taken!

Second, treat yourself to something healthy and motivating, like a new workout outfit. Whether you pick something up in a Studio Barre boutique or elsewhere, make sure it makes you feel sexy and powerful. INVEST in the amazing body you have, as well as the one that you desire! “Dress for success” absolutely applies when it comes to Studio Barre – we can see when you’re proud of the reflection staring back at you in class!

Third, use this new year as a great opportunity to re-connect with a fellow barre buddy. We’re all so much more successful when we have the support of friends and family, and friends who tuck together…are really great friends with a-ma-zing bods! Really though, when I make plans to meet a friend for a class, I’m that much more motivated to get there. When I see friends getting in shape and feeling good, I want to do the same! They motivate me, and I’d certainly like to hope that I motivate them. As instructors, we are part of an amazing Studio Barre family that provides that same support and motivation. Our job is to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk, so….

Fourth, if you need some help setting goals or finding some direction, let us help you! There’s absolutely no need for you to navigate this process all on your own! We are there to provide the support you need to take those first baby steps, and make those small improvements that, in the long run, make such a huge difference in your life.

So once again, welcome to 2015! We declare this the year of hope and promise, and we hope you feel the same way too! As I said in my last blog of 2014, YOU are MY village. I am YOUR village. Together, we are STRENGTH DEFINED!

Happy Tucking!


Posted On January 13, 2015

It Takes a Studio Barre Village…



Have you ever heard that phrase “It takes a village”? My mom friends and I have always used it when discussing our kids – how “it takes a village” to raise our kids right, with strong role models and guidance from the friends and family we chose to surround ourselves with. When our kids are getting into trouble, “it takes a village” to make sure their poor choices aren’t overlooked and that they are held accountable. And of course, “it takes a village” to recognize the individual accomplishments of each child, so that they are surrounded by positivity and love.


I’d been thinking about this on a recent trip when I overheard someone use that very phrase. It struck such a personal chord with me, being the working mother of three rambunctious boys. I realized that I’d spent a tremendous amount of time making sure the village helping me raise my kids was strong and reliable, and it made me feel incredibly safe and secure having that village in my corner.  But what about us – the grown-ups? Where is our village? Who holds us accountable? Who makes sure we spend time focusing on our own personal development and well being? Who are our positive role models? I started to panic.  I mean, I know there’s my hubby Doug, so at least I know I have a great partner in this entire journey. But what about the REST of my village?!?!

And then the answer came to me. And then all was calm.

Studio Barre was, is, and always will be MY village. In fact, when it comes down to it, I created Studio Barre to be a village for each and every client, and every franchise location that has opened since has had the same intent. Every person, whether employee or client, who walks through our doors, is treated like part of the family. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and countless accomplishments together. We listen to problems, relate to your through our own experiences, and try to provide solutions and sage advice on a personal level together. We hold each other accountable for both our physical and our mental well-being together. We miss you when you’re not here, and we look forward to when you return so we can work out the kinks together.  We mourn, we cry, we laugh, we love – all of it TOGETHER.  I mean, wait until you see what we’ve done for the 12 Days of Christmas! Only in this wacky and wonderful  Studio Barre village could we be so comfortable being so real (and goofy) with our members! This was a smile by myself kinda moment. This is when I knew, in my heart, that I was part of a wonderful thing that happens to be growing and growing.

So as we head towards 2015, my entire soul is warmed by the village that I had a part in creating, and which has now taken on a life of its own.

YOU are MY village. I am YOUR village. Together, we are STRENGTH DEFINED!

Happy Tucking!


Posted On December 9, 2014


The Studio Barre “New Year” is right around the corner! Okay, okay, read the last blog if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Like I said in that post, Labor Day Weekend marks the official end of summer, and the official start of project “all about you”! We don’t need to wait until January 1st to make resolutions about taking better care of ourselves – we have RIGHT NOW! So instead of putting it off, we’re pushing you to step up to the barre and make some positive changes in how your body feels and looks.

Now, as we all know, change can be really exciting in the beginning. We make a resolution or set a goal, and the idea is to work towards completing that accomplishment. But did you know that just a mere 8% of people actually succeed in their January 1st New Year’s resolutions and accomplish their goals?! Isn’t that nuts? How depressing! We don’t want that to be the Studio Barre statistic. We REFUSE to let that be the Studio Barre statistic!

So let’s talk about follow-through. Let’s talk about not giving up just when it gets hard (wait, barre is ALWAYS hard). Let’s talk about you. Ultimately, there’s nothing better than when members come up to me and tell me about how good they feel – it’s WHY I started this crazy venture in the first place, and it’s why the entire Studio Barre crew continues to work unbelievably hard to keep delivering amazing, body-transforming workouts on a daily basis.

To begin with, we need to focus on the actual goal(s) you’ve set. Have you ever heard of SMART goals? That stands for “Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely”, and making every goal a SMART goal is absolutely critical to your long-term success. For example, a statement such as “I want to increase my leg strength and tone, reduce my waistline measurement by 2 inches, and comfortably fit into my favorite jeans by October 31st. I will do this by attending the 8:25am class at Studio Barre three times a week starting this coming Monday” is a pretty good SMART goal. The goal is clear, the timeline is set and realistic, and I think it’s totally attainable. THIS is a goal that someone can definitely work towards, and they haven’t set their standards too high. So in the interest of seeing you succeed, it’s really important that your goals are just as SMART.

Next, we need to talk about the barre workout, and the reality of how it feels. Did you know that it NEVER gets easy (that was a post as well – read it!)? I know, I know – it should, right? Well as any of our devoted regulars will tell you, it doesn’t. Find a Centurion and they will agree wholeheartedly. But there’s a method behind such madness, and that is that it doesn’t get easier because you keep getting better. The stronger you get, the better form you take. And the more you straighten your legs and point your toes and tuck your seat, the more effective the movement. It’s a challenge in the beginning because you can barely do the move and the reps we’re counting out, and it’s a challenge 6 months later because you’ve gotten THAT MUCH BETTER at doing it. This is also the reason we change our choreo every 3 months – we can’t let you get bored! We create new moves so that every single member, new or old, is challenged to change and improve.

And on top of this darn workout always being a challenge, we have the fabulous challenge of LIFE. Whether you’re single, a parent, an executive, an empty nester, etc., we ALL have daily challenges that can make it hard to stay on track or on schedule. And for most of us, the challenge is simply to not let our own needs get lost or overlooked in all the chaos. In all of this, the mantra that we ALL need to repeat over and over again is DON’T GIVE UP. Stay strong in your efforts. Remain committed to your goals. You need to see the results to believe in the process. You need to follow-through on your SMART goals and know that you have our support. You must believe that in taking better care of yourself, you are more capable of taking care of those around you!

It all comes back to follow-through in the end. 8%?!?! Let’s buck that trend! Remember, you don’t need it to be January 1st to make some resolutions. We’re waiting for you at the barre, ready and excited to help you accomplish your goals. Cause when the going gets tough, the tough TUCK IT OUT!

Happy Tucking!


Posted On August 28, 2014

Happy New Year!

Oops…I mean…Happy September 1st?! Actually, here at Studio Barre September 1st is just another January 1st in our books. Labor Day Weekend officially marks the end of summer, marking a clear path towards fall and winter (okay, okay, seasons that are maybe not as obvious here in sunny San Diego). By September 1st, kids are back in school and parents have their schedules back, and we have time to focus on our own grown-up needs just a little more. This is when we step up to the barre and recommit to feeling and looking amazing, especially with the holidays right around the corner. It’s time to make some End-Of-Summer Resolutions that will carry you through the next 4 months until January 2015 actually arrives!

So how do I go about making these resolutions? Well this year, after a phenomenal summer of family trips and late summer evenings with friends and a little (or a lot!) of vino, combined with a non-stop schedule of bringing on and launching new Studio Barre Franchises, my first step is to take a good long look in the mirror and see where I stand. It’s time to establish my starting point. It’s like a little self check-up. Am I getting enough sleep each night? Probably not. Am I feeling energized and healthy? Sometimes. Does my body feel flexible and strong? It could improve. Do I want to look and feel better over the next four months? Absolutely!

As a result of going through a little of your own self-analysis, maybe you’ll come up with a list like the following:

  • I will take 3-5 barre classes a week.
  • I will reduce or eliminate my alcohol intake during the week.
  • I will focus on getting a full 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
  • I will take time each day (maybe in barre!) to focus on and appreciate my strengths.
  • I will resist the urge to weigh myself every day, instead focusing on how my clothes fit and how I feel.
  • I will give my closet a good end-of-summer cleaning, making room for all of the amazing fall and winter styles.
  • I will treat myself to some new fall and winter clothes and shoes as a reward for remaining committed to my fitness and health.

Whatever it is you resolve to accomplish through the end of 2014, write it down and put it out there! Because if you’re NOT feeling good about yourself and you’re NOT feeling healthy, you’ll have a hard time turning that situation around without some true reflection on the situation and acceptance of who you are, in this moment. Like I do every September 1st, you need to stand in front of that mirror (I dare you to do it naked!) and appreciate how amazing you are, as well as set those resolutions in motion to make desired changes and improvements.

I know you can do this! If you’ve opted to take the summer off or have only managed sporadic attendance, we are excited to see your smiling faces back in our studios! Honestly, I love September 1st not only for the resolutions that I commit to, but also because so many familiar faces make their way back through our studio doors. Welcome home to your Studio Barre family, and let’s tuck and pulse and bend-stretch through the next four months together as a team!

Happy Tucking!


Posted On August 11, 2014


Do you know what’s the worst? What’s the worst is when a member or instructor comes into the studio sporting a bright red and painful sunburn. It’s inevitable that it happens from time-to-time, right? You get stuck somewhere without enough sun protection (or worse, you opt not to use any at all – shame!), or maybe you’re the mom who slathers her kid up, but forgets to put it on herself until it’s WAY too late. Either way, with the 4th of July drawing us all outside to beaches, pools, and all-day celebrations, we thought it would be good to re-address the importance of sun protection.

Think about it – you spend all this time and effort to keep your body healthy and fit here with us at Studio Barre, you try to eat healthy (especially if you’ve ever done one or more of our nutrition challenges!), and the vibe in the studio is always positive and uplifting. We’re improving ourselves mentally and physically, from the inside out, so wouldn’t you want to take some simple steps to protect the outside as well?!?! Here are some great facts you need to know…

  • According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, melanoma is now the MOST COMMON CANCER in women ages 25-29, and second only to breast cancer in women ages 30-34. IS THAT YOU???
  • “SPF” stands for “Sun Protection Factor” and should absolutely be taken into consideration when spending time in the sun. If your skin is likely to start to burn when in the sun unprotected in about 10 minutes, then a product with SPF 30 will protect you for 30 times longer. That’s 300 minutes of protection (which equals 5 hours if you’re wondering)!
  • Pay attention to whether your product is water-RESISTANT or waterPROOF! If you sweat a lot or get wet, depending on what you have on, your protection will be lessened. Different products require different re-application times. Now that being said, if you have sensitive skin or are prone to break outs, waterproof products can sometimes cause issues. You’ll need to re-apply more often, but you’ll be prone to less irritation. Anyone with sensitive skin should also look for products that are PABA-free.
  • There’s a significant difference between sunSCREEN and sunBLOCK! Sunscreen needs to be applied 30 minutes prior to sun exposure, and it works to absorb the UV rays assaulting the skin before they do damage. Sunblock begins to work as soon as it’s applied, and it doesn’t just absorb, it blocks the rays from even penetrating the skin. Consider it a great wall of protection against aging and sunburn!
  • All sunscreens protect against UVB rays (these mainly affect the top layers of skin and lead to the dreaded sunburn), but only SOME sunscreens protect against UVA rays as well (these affect the under layers of skin and lead to premature aging!). CHECK YOUR SUNCREEN! IS IT BROAD SPECTRUM WITH AN SPF OF 15 OR HIGHER?!
  • READ YOUR LABELS! Sunscreens and sunblocks that contain micronized titanium dioxide or zinc oxide will provide the best protection against melanoma (skin cancer), hyperpigmentation (dark spots), as well as wrinkles and early aging.

Consider a fabulous spray tan instead of baking away in the sun. Your Studio Barre instructors certainly do! In fact, our very own Meredith owns Bella Bronze, a fabulous travelling spray tan service. She’ll come right to your home so that you never have to walk out the door feeling pale! But REMEMBER that a fake tan, either via spray or bottle, DOES NOT protect you from the sun. You have to be just as diligent with the sun protection, even when you look tan!

So what products do we like? Stores like Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Jimbos carry some really terrific organic, PABA-free options. But what we’re really stoked about right now is a skin protection line from COOLA ( COOLA products are made with up to 97% certified organic ingredients, sourced with a Farm-to-Face philosophy. What does this mean? It means that ingredients are sourced locally, and brought in for processing in their most complete, organic states. Want to try it? You can find COOLA skin protection products at Ulta in the Prestige Skincare selection, as well as many hotels and spas. There’s a product finder tool right on the web site where you can enter your zip code. We searched and found it at La Costa Resort, which is right around the corner! You can also order it online, which is super convenient.

So we hope not to see any post-beach sunburns walking through our doors. We want our clients (and instructors) looking and feeling young and beautiful, and of course skin cancer free!

Happy Tucking!


Posted On August 7, 2014


Alrighty, your Studio Barre crew would like to take a moment to discuss…selfies. DON’T even begin to claim that you’ve NEVER taken one – even the biggest critic of the selfie craze has had a little sip of the Kool Aide at some point, even if you erased it from your phone before anyone could see it! We love a good selfie – one where the taker is positive and smiling, and it’s even better when we learn something about them in the process! The best selfies are taken when you feel strong and confident (NOT in the bar bathroom mirror at 2am!) about yourself and your body. And who can blame you? When we see you working as hard as you do in our classes, we understand why you might want to brag a little. No haters here!

So now that summer is in full effect, we want to talk about our next favorite, and that is the “summer selfie.” Your instructors want to see, and we want others to see, what you enjoy doing most in the summer, and how Studio Barre has made a positive impact in your life. Is your summer selfie a bikini shot, or is it you at the top of a long hike? Hmmmm…did Studio Barre play a role in helping you with either? We guess so! How about a selfie of you at the barre, or even doing a little tucking on your own somewhere exotic? Yes please! And of course we ALWAYS love to see our fabulous Studio Barre gear in different locals – a selfie with a Studio Barre tank top is going to get a HUGE thumbs up!

Truthfully, we’re trying to get you thinking about your ultimate summer selfie because we want you to be ready for the next big Studio Barre social media competition, and YES, it’s going to involve selfies! So get thinking, and start taking pics – you never know when you’ll capture that amazing moment that you just can’t wait to share with family and friends!

Happy Tucking!


Posted On August 7, 2014

It’s Time to Unpack Your Favorite Memories

Last Wednesday morning, Doug (the hubby), boys and I boarded a plane for an impromptu getaway. We were smiling and excited to be spending some much needed time together, and we were looking forward to some quiet from the wonderful chaos that is our life in San Diego. Little did we know that we were literally exiting from the firestorm madness that held San Diego captive for the next several days, and we would be returning after it was all over and done with.

And there we were, “happily” on vacation while our friends and family dealt with fires creeping into their back yards, evacuations, unbearable heat, water and energy restrictions, a fear of the unknown, and the concept of packing everything valuable into their car and driving away from their homes, with the hopes it would still be there when they returned.

Now the fire season isn’t a new concept to any seasoned San Diegan. We deal with this every year, and some years are worse than others. But evacuations are seldom, so it’s not something we tend to practice on a regular basis. And that idea of “value” that suddenly comes into play as you are throwing belongings into a duffle bag – that suddenly seems to change when we are forced to make choices. I mean, I have some friends that literally grabbed a change of clothes, the dog and a photo album and jetted out the door. And I have others who packed their cars to the brim with anything and everything of “value”, and then (fortunately) had to unpack it all again and put it away when the evacuations were lifted.

So did you have to pack? Were you evacuated? Think back about what you chose to bring, or what you put on the mental checklist as a “must have” if you were forced to pack up. We weren’t even there and I spent a good amount of time thinking about it. A good amount of time!

Ultimately, I really think that moving forward we should use these packing decisions in a positive way. Take a look at the items that truly mattered to you during the process, and make an effort to surround yourself with that kind of “value”. Don’t keep it packed away in a closet – bring it out and treasure it on a daily basis. That family photo album? Make it a centerpiece of conversation so that everyone can share in the amazing memories. That favorite painting or family heirloom? Display it with pride so that others can benefit from the same joy you experience every time you pass by. Share the family knickknacks and mementos. Share the stories and the memories.

Because the reality is that, unless you decide to develop a serious case of agoraphobia, you can’t always be there when the unexpected occurs. You just might find yourself on a plane, on your way to a lovely vacation with your spouse, unaware of the powerlessness you will soon know. The house and the stuff might disappear and that may be completely out of your control, so I think the best idea is to make sure that the memories and stories attached to that house and all of the stuff inside of that house, are unpacked for good, and shared and enjoyed by all.

Our hearts go out to anyone affected by the fires, and our gratitude goes out to all of those firefighters who kept our community safe and sound, and who continue to do so, on a daily basis.



Posted On May 29, 2014


With the weather that we are currently experiencing in San Diego, I don’t think that there’s a more appropriate subject than HYDRATION. Seriously, it was the very first thing that came to mind when I was trying to decide what to write about. Now if you haven’t been outside in a couple of days, you should know that scorching 95 degree heat awaits you, and that’s the temperature coastal! I can’t even imagine what it’s like inland right now

So let’s talk about water, and all of its magical properties. Actually, first let’s talk about what happens when you DON’T drink enough water and you become dehydrated:

Muscle fatigue
Increased heart rate
Irregular body temperature
False hunger
False exhaustion
Irritability, mood swings and headaches
Cramps and gastrointestinal distress

Don’t those sound fun? Okay, back to the magical properties I mentioned. By keeping your body fully hydrated, you’re helping to prevent some pretty nasty side effects. Water helps you digest your food so that your GI system works efficiently and nutrients are well digested and distributed. In blood, water transports glucose, oxygen and fats to muscles that are working, and then it also helps to carry away metabolic by-products like carbon dioxide and lactic acid. When you pee and your urine is bright yellow? It’s a clear sign that you’re dehydrated! Water in urine helps to eliminate metabolic waste products. If your urine is dark, that means that you have a greater concentration of metabolic waste in your body waiting to be excreted! Water helps to lubricate joints and helps to cushion organs, and last but not least, water in sweat helps you to dissipate heat through the skin. Your body temperature is regulated when water absorbs heat from working muscles and dissipates it through sweat, improving the way you feel, as well as any athletic performance. So yes, if you’re dehydrated and you come to barre, IT WILL BE EVEN HARDER, AND FOR ALL OF THE WRONG REASONS!!!

Now growing up, we were all told to “listen to our bodies” when it came to drinking enough water. But the truth is that if you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. You need to keep drinking water throughout your day to stay at positive hydration levels, ESPECIALLY in heat like this.

Don’t love water? Get bored easily? Well, we have a solution for you! Citrus is in season right now, as are berries. Both are A-MA-ZING when put in your water. You can muddle the berries at the bottom of your water bottle, or just cut up the citrus and throw it right in. In fact, this is where the new Studio Barre Drinking Cup comes in quite handy! It has an infusing compartment that allows you to put berries, citrus, herbs (such as mint), and even melons inside without making your water all mucky, and you can refill over and over again! We can’t think of a better water cup to take to class, work, school, or the beach!

I’m hoping that you’re going to finish reading this and then go get yourself a cold and refreshing glass of agua. Maybe two. I’m drinking mine right now!

Happy Tucking (and hydrating)!


Posted On May 26, 2014